The Power of Rooted Things: How Flag Stands Can Strengthen Our Connections

What is a rooted thing? 

Well, the answer is far from the literal meaning. The question hails from the metaphorical world, and so is the answer. Here, rooted refers to grounded feelings and values associated with the thing in question, not the thing that has roots or, simply put, plants. 

Values and feelings, when shared among people, form connections. Connections that make people stand by each other in solidarity. This harmonious agreement on certain shared values creates a community that grows with the involvement of people. Hence, rooted things have the power to unite people from different regions, whether far or near. 

How Flag Stands Can Strengthen Our Connections

Forming connections does require strengthening them in order to ensure their longevity. And to strengthen the connection, these shared values are given a tangible form, an emblem. The emblem is then treated as the identity of the whole community. It forges familiarity, oneness, unification, and unanimity; it all stands enveloped within that insignia. A personification of strength. People owning these emblems are identified as part of the group of connected people.

Historically, flags have been used as emblems of signaling and identification and sometimes as decorative pieces to mark your haven. As a decorative element, the flags promulgate your style or vision to the rest of the world. 

Further, flags are reinforced by durable and sturdy flag stands. The flag stands strongly support the flags that enable them to stay in their place. Thus, the flag stands ultimately become the symbol of strengthening connections.  

What strengthens the connection between a flag and a flag stand?

Getting identified by your shared values through a symbol is surely something to take pride in, but how would it be done if the flag won’t stay attached to the flag stand? Feeling confused!

No matter how much poets romanticize the winds in the beautiful hair locks, you won’t find wind beautiful and nice if it blows away your proudly hanging flag in your garden. Now, what can be done to keep your beloved flag from coming off the pole while you enjoy the soothing blows of the wind? 

Let us answer that for you. In today's world, where innovation is highly admired for fulfilling the need, we, Flag Coaster, have invented a device that would prevent flags from flying away while adding a decorative flare as part of home decor.

 flag stand

The device is a Flag Coaster™. It fits the standard size of the poles perfectly. Being made of durable ABS plastic, our Flag Coaster brand products are lightweight. Their resistance to weather and temperature change ensures their longevity. They also keep the flag from wrapping or twisting around poles. On top of it, our Flag Coaster™ is beautifully designed in intriguing shapes to enhance the visual aesthetics of your garden. Our Flag Coaster™ strengthens the connection between the flags and the flag stands. Let's have a look at some of them. 

The Circular


Our classic Circular design comes with a standard-size hole to fit the standard-size pole. The circular brand Flag Coaster™ in ravaging gold and black color can be fitted by separating the slit in opposite directions and fastening them to the pole. Voila! 

Now, nothing can take away your flag except deliberate attempts…!! 

The Two-Tier


Fitting a Flag Coaster™ requires it to have a suitable size hole in it to fit the pole. To ease the hard work of measuring the pole, we have designed Flag Coaster™ in a two- tier pattern. This Flag Coaster™ can be fastened to fit both the standard and smaller-sized poles.

For the decorative flare in your garden, we have designed our Flag Coaster™ in different colors and patterns. Our Mardi Gras Fleur de Lis embraces a beautiful design in three different sparkly colors. And our Tiger Fleur de Lis flaunts the fierce stripes of tigers in purple and gold stripes. 

Secure your flag and strengthen your connection with your people by adding a small but highly functional Flag Coaster™, and enjoy your happy moments with your people to the fullest. Visit Flag Coaster to get yours today!