Flag Stands : Understanding the Importance of Roots in Our Lives

People have been settling in a foreign land for various reasons. Some migrate in search of a better lifestyle, and some for better career opportunities. Whatever the reason, they always remain deeply rooted in their place, community, and culture. But why is that? What is the importance of cultural heritage or roots in our life? 

In this blog, we are discussing the same. Let’s get on board. 

Importance of Roots in our Lives

A Sense of Security

Though capable of living alone, we aren’t solitary creatures. Living alone narrows down our chances of survival. Evidently, humans are designed to live in groups that we call communities. These communities further culminate in society with the involvement of many such communities. 

As a part of these connected groups, we feel a sense of security and support that psychologically increases our chances of survival. 

Connection With The Ones Who Came Before

Flag caoster

Our embedded roots help us gain valuable information about those who came before us. History has significant importance in our current times. Hence, acquiring knowledge about our ancestors and how they made connections and started traditions is essential too. Those traditions became a prelude to the culture we follow today. These cultural traditions are the insignia of the strong connection among the members of the community. It is an imaginary thread that binds us together in unity. To give a physical form to these intangible values, we often associate ourselves as a community with certain emblems like flags, tokens, or a Flag Coaster™.  

Evolutionary Knowledge 

Our roots offer us insights into ancient times. These insights show how our beliefs, values, and traditions came into existence and shaped our community. The practices we were told to follow by our elders have some significance. Knowing the importance of cultural heritage helps us clarify our doubts and purpose in life. 

Moral Values

Staying connected to our roots instills moral values in us. Every culture has its share of knowledge and beliefs, traditions, and practices. All these shape our personalities and make us better human beings. Also, our moral values make us responsible people towards other members and help us coexist harmoniously.


A community stands for unanimity across it, be it for its traditions, beliefs, or norms. All these common features of our connection with the members keep us disciplined. The rules are made for a reason and should be followed similarly. When they are followed unanimously, it leads to a peaceful existence. Neglecting cultural traditions may lead to discord among the members. 

Guidance To Those Who Will Ever Come

Our ancestors made cultural traditions, values, and beliefs with a specific purpose. The purpose of lighting the path of life accoutered with unforeseeable hurdles. Our roots in our culture, made through their knowledge about life, enables us to enlighten the generation of humankind to come and hence make their survival easier.

Self Realization

When we get associated with our roots and cultures and follow them diligently, we explore many things about ourselves. We can better relate to our origin and the value we received from our elders. It bolsters our self-respect and dignifies our cultural heritage. It also ignites a sense of pride in being a flag bearer of our culture worldwide. 


Our culture gives us identity and knowledge and helps us in making tough decisions in life. Our roots define our existence and make us who we are and where we stand in our society. Hence, staying close to our roots is important.
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